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Envirograf have just launched Envir-e-flex the perfect answer to providing a 3 in 1 product for thermal insulation to L1B & L2B, airborne and impact sound and 70 minutes fire protection.
Envir-e-flex consists of a reflective fire protective panel with an attached non-itch sponge. The Envir-e-flex panels can be used in loft conversions between trusses requiring only a facing of 9mm plasterboard to achieve excellent U values. Envir-e-flex can be used between joists and also between floors in new build projects. Heat leakage in properties has become a crucial factor in trying to reduce the carbon footprint. Thermal improvements in properties have often resulted in excessive insulation being positioned to close to electric cables and therefore running the risk of electrical cables overheating and potentially causing a fire. Envir-e-flex is the perfect solution because it is produced in a depth to suit most joists and trusses whilst offering an important airflow for cabling and minimising condensation problems. Also new from Envirograf are Thermal Cavity Fire Barriers for improved thermal insulation and fire protection around doors and windows.

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