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The new radiator from Aeon – it's Supra Duper!


Turning up the heat this winter is Aeon’s latest addition to its steadily expanding product range – the Supra. A perfectly designed modern replacement to the standard white panel radiator, Supra is sleek, stylish and engineered for maximum output.

A choice of brushed or polished stainless steel finishes, and tall columns with curved edges give this designer radiator its aesthetic appeal.

From high ceilings to cramped corners to narrow vertical wall spaces, the Supra has it covered. Available in an impressive 53 different sizes, this versatile essential is suitable for any space, in any room of the house. It is also the perfect excuse for updating an existing heating system.

Outputs range from between 276 watts and 3166 watts, and models can be used with all electric, hot water and dual fuel systems.

Prices start from £346 plus VAT for a Supra S63 (600 x 305 x 30 mm) which can be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

Radiators in the Aeon Collection are made from the highest-grade solid stainless steel. All designs in the hand-finished range carry a 20-year guarantee.

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