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The useful five for contractors


Five newly released products from Megger will make electrical contractors life that bit safer and easier. A common theme to the new products is that they offer, with exception of the proving unit, CAT IV rating.

Choice of CAT IV two pole voltage detectors and a proving unit
A choice of CAT IV two pole detectors and a superb proving unit make a major contribution to safety. By allowing contractors prove their lock out procedures and to have greater confidence in their safety.

  • Two pole voltage detector with LED array – TPT210
  • Two pole voltage detector with LCD display – TPT220
  • Proving unit – MPU690

True RMS multimeter with a famous name
Safe, accurate and versatile, the new AVO410 digital multimeter from Megger combines rugged yet compact construction with ease of use and a CAT IV 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010, which means that it is suitable for use in any location on all types of low voltage electrical installations, including industrial installations

A really innovative phase sequence indicator
Work on commercial and industrial installations often requires working on machinery with three phase supplies. Correct sequence of the phases is vital with many motors and pumps as damage to brakes and valves will occur in minutes with incorrect phasing.

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