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The World thinks the world of GF Piping Systems


The World is a unique ship serving as a residential community and is owned by its residents. It has a total of 165 residential units including apartments, studio apartments and studios. The owners, from over 40 countries, can live on board the ship or join it as they wish as it slowly circumnavigates the globe stopping for a few days in ports along the way.

When its onboard Engineering Team found it necessary to replace a section of corroded steel pipe supplying water to the ship's laundry unit they contacted GF to obtain a solution. GF were please to recommend their INSTAFLEX PB piping system which would provide a reliable, fast to install and corrosion free solution.

Fortunately the ship had a planned call in the UK and it was possible for the required materials including 80 metres of 75mm pipe and the necessary fittings to be delivered to the docks ready for collection. Also, GF marine specialist, Andy Jenkins, was able to join the ship to discuss the installation and provide the necessary jointing training for The World's Engineering Team.

Due to the location of the existing corroded pipework the lightweight, flexible INSTAFLEX piping system with electrofusion jointing, proved ideal for the maintenance crew to install in the tight confines within the deckhead service ducts. Chief Engineer, Brian Hannah commented that “corrosion of steel piping systems is a continual problem on board ships. Replacing these systems, where possible, with GF INSTAFLEX which is easy to install and corrosion free is the ideal long term solution to this problem. In addition to the laundry area GF materials have also been used to replace piping systems to the swimming pools and the water treatment systems, which were also showing signs of corrosion.”

With corrosion of metal and copper pipework causing increasing problems for on board engineering departments piping systems from GF provide a cost effective long term solution.

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