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The world’s first brushless industrial pump from Saniflo



Saniflo continues to innovate in the industrial waste pump sector by becoming the first manufacturer to offer a brushless option. The popular Sanicubic 2 Pro Smart is a pumping station designed to lift grey and black waste water from individual properties, small businesses and light commercial premises such as pubs and restaurants. The new brushless version extends the range to three models – the classic, the Pro Smart and the Pro Smart brushless.

Brushless is an advanced technology that improves motor lifespan, product efficiency and reliability, widely used in various products, including power tools, boiler pumps, and appliances such as lawnmowers. It eliminates the electrical connection to the spinning motor, which can create heat, friction and noise. In the Sanicubic 2 Pro Smart, it allows the regulation of the motor to run at variable speeds. This offers further advantages, including:
  • Energy saving of up to 30%
  • High efficiency
  • High torque and thus better grinding quality
  • Lower noise

Tim Pestell, Managing Director of Saniflo, believes the new technology will appeal strongly to commercial businesses. He says: “As the pioneer of the macerator concept, Saniflo, true to form, is now pioneering the use of new brushless technology in lifting stations. We believe it will be a popular option with customers installing pumps for industrial projects.”

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