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Thermoboards new low build system



Introducing Low-Build UFH from Thermoboard. It’s a slim, energy-efficient, plumbed system that can be installed quickly and safely. It’s designed to fit onto existing floors with minimum build-up and no major disruption.

Low-Build plumbed UFH vs Electric mat UFH

Until recently, an electric mat system was the usual solution for adding UFH to existing floors. However, the high running costs of electric UFH have always been a drawback.

Like all plumbed UFH systems, Low-Build UFH is less costly in service than electric systems. In fact, when compared with Low-Build UFH, an electric system can cost up to 3 times as much to run.

Low-Build UFH is based on ultra-slim polystyrene panels with pre-routed channels for 10mm polybutylene pipe. The installed height is just 15mm. That’s actually less than the diameter of a UK 5p coin. Each panel has a thin aluminium diffuser layer as a built-in heat reflector. A 6mm ply load-bearing layer may be added if required.

Key benefits

  • No digging or dismantling of existing floors to accommodate UFH.
  • No significant rise in floor level necessary.
  • No separate end-return panels needed.
  • Less disruption to doors and skirting.
  • No special tools required.
  • Panels easy to handle and trim to size.
  • No assistance required to lay panels and pipe.

Applications: for existing floors

Low-Build can be installed directly onto any flat and level existing floor, whether solid or timber-based. It’s perfect when renovating:

  • Kitchens
  • Conservatories
  • Bathrooms
  • Newly-separated en-suites for bedrooms
  • Garage conversions
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