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Top of the ‘A-class' Wilo-Stratos Pico offers 90% energy savings over standard pumps


Wilo UK has launched the incredible new Wilo-Stratos PICO high efficiency small circulator pump into the UK marketplace. The latest in the family of high efficiency ‘A’ rated small circulators, the PICO is right at the top of the class when it comes to energy efficiency savings with an average annual electricity consumption of just 46.5 kWh for a typical home. According to standard Europump Commitment measuring procedures, when it comes to electricity consumption, PICO is more efficient than any other A class pump you can buy.

A large percentage of the initial cost of the pump will be paid off in the first year of operation and by the end of the second year, it will have paid for itself and be giving back savings for the rest of its working life. There’s not many items in a home you can say that about!

As you would expect from a Wilo product it offers all the other benefits that you would want from a high efficiency small circulator, including reliable starting and maximum convenience due to its high starting torque and its in-built de-blocking software. It’s remarkably simple to set up and quick to install and features a display with a consumption reading along with a thermal insulation shell as standard


Installing a pump has never been so easy as with the PICO. Its compact design allows this little high efficiency pump to fit into any set up you care to choose. And on top of that there’s its clever power connection mechanism. Until now you’ve had to connect the ends of the power cables to the terminal box but with the Wilo Connector that comes with the Wilo-Stratos PICO, you simply connect the cable to the patented plug connection, plug this into the corresponding connection on the pump and you’re done! In the blink of an eye!

Then what? Well it runs by itself. Just one press of a button sees the PICO activate its automatic bleeding device giving maximum performance and minimum noise. The most important thing is that the setting is correct and this is simple because this small pump has the same large display you have on the big brother – the Wilo-Stratos. This means the pump can be operated and read with ease from the front and all the setting parameters can be seen at a glance. The big display is also a big advantage for the homeowner as it allows them to read the current power consumption and total electricity consumption at any time. In effect this is like having your own electricity meter, so you can keep a wary eye on just how energy efficient the PICO is!

Dave Spragg is Wilo’s UK Domestic Product Manager: “Obviously I’ve seen this coming for several months and couldn’t wait for it to arrive here in the UK! We showed it for the first time at Installer Live 2009 a few weeks ago and it got an incredibly warm reception there. It’s great to have a pump that is ahead of all the competition in energy savings terms and it’s excellent to have a family of high efficiency ‘A’ rated pumps that we can offer to our customers. This is a little beauty and installers will love it – not just because its so energy efficient but because it makes their lives so much easier! It’s been designed to be the best of the ‘A’ rated pumps available but it’s also been designed for ease of installation and in such a way as you can prove its operating as it should do. It’s an installers dream and we have high hopes for PICO here in the UK.”

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