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Transformation of unused flat roofs into green roof areas suitable for pedestrian and/or vehicular use


Cityroofs’ solutions transform living space on podiums, balconies and terraces. Using Aquadyne technology, green roofs and facades are created using panels manufactured entirely from recycled plastic. The Aquadyne sheet acts as wick, water store and diffuser, primarily to assist with storm attenuation drainage. Its properties enable plants to be grown, fed and irrigated, the soil-less structure creating herbaceous growth without the risk of soil slippage. Dense, evergreen, self-seeding, non-invasive varieties with creeping root structures such as birds’ foot trefoil or rupturewort require little more than annual inspection.

Whilst independent tests have shown that 22 sq m of Aquadyne will save approximately 1 tonne of CO2, it is also extremely lightweight when saturated Such lightweight green roof structures can remain green all year round with irrigation but if preferred, traditional sedums can be used without irrigation, retained water being taken from the roof deck to the roots by capillary action.

Non-irrigated modular systems can collect sufficient rainwater in their reservoir to support growth for 3 weeks or more. Used with the Dreen range of paving products, designs can be created for hard and soft landscaping and mixed use environments. Aquadyne’s high inherent strength enables it to be used for storm attenuation under Pardak slabs too. Designed for vehicular traffic, Pardak avoids need for visible surface drainage in shared pedestrian / car environments.

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