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Triton Systems Specified For Terrace Waterproofing


Specialist waterproofing contractors, Barker Goodwin, have used Triton systems to provide dual layer waterproofing at a luxury terraced property in Surrey.

In conjunction with Triton, the Barker Goodwin team specified Triton SBR admixture, liquid applied Triton TT Vapour Membrane and Platon Doubledrain cavity drain membrane to waterproof the surface of a 250 m² block and beam concrete terrace constructed over a basement. By sourcing all the above materials from Triton, Barker Goodwin were able to avoid the split responsibility issues which are often encountered in dual layer waterproofing projects and, at the same time, provide an effective, fast-track solution for their client, Leander Construction.

The specification included the incorporation of Triton SBR latex admixture to the initial screed which was laid to falls/suitable discharge drainage points, to overcome potential problematic joints within the block and beam sections.

515aThen, as the primary waterproofer, two coats of Triton’s liquid applied TT Vapour Membrane was applied over the screed. The two coats were applied in opposite directions, so as to avoid any pinprick holes which may have allowed moisture/water ingress to the structure below.

The secondary waterproofing layer was provided by the application of Platon Doubledrain cavity drain membrane, which provided a tough, drained protective covering to the surface.

Mortar and slabs will eventually be laid over the dual waterproofing system to provide an attractive and useful terraced area over the watertight basement.

Triton SBR improves the workability and durability of cement mixes, resulting in the cured material having a higher strength, density and water impermeability. Triton SBR will increase the flexibility and adhesive bond of a mix.

TT Vapour Membrane is a ready blended coating that once cured, provides a waterproof Methane and Carbon Dioxide barrier. Triton TT Vapour Barrier can be retro-applied as a waterproof and gas-proof membrane to concrete, masonry and brick substrates or as an alternative to sheet membranes in new construction. It can be applied by airless spray, roller or brush to walls, floors and soffits

Platon Doubledrain is a cavity drain membrane designed for external use which incorporates a filter fabric layer which ensures soil cannot enter membrane cavities and obstruct drainage.

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