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Triton has boosted its best-selling T80 electric shower range with the introduction of the new T80Z Fast-Fit – the ultimate electric shower for the specification market.

Designed with speed of installation and lifetime costs in mind, the T80Z Fast-Fit is the ideal electric shower for the specification market, thanks to a number of innovative features including Triton’s revolutionary new Swing-Fit™ terminal block, which makes the shower simple to wire regardless of electrical cable positioning. The horizontal swing mechanism means even the shortest of cables can be routed quickly and easily into the shower unit, from either the left or the right, without any hassle.

Installation flexibility is further extended by Triton’s unique 180° fully reversible Swivel-Fit™ water inlet, providing more water entry points than any other electric shower on the market. With 8 water entry points and 6 electrical cable entry points, the T80Z Fast-Fit is designed to cope with every desired installation requirement. The size and shape of the unit also means it can be positioned neatly over existing holes for an attractive finish and used to replace all electric showers, even competitor models – reducing the need to retile or redecorate the space.

Other practical features of the T80Z Fast-Fit ensure that specifiers have access to a solution which minimises the cost per job for housing association and local authority contractors. These include a wall template (available with every unit) for marking fixings and connections, a flexible kit to allow an adjustable distance beeteen shower rail brackets, top entry trims that are removable without the need for tools and a matching riser rail kit with adjustable wall fixing centres. Recessed controls, power on illumination and a low water pressure indicator increase its appeal for the end user, whilst a tapered design gives the T80Z fast-Fit an attractive, slimline look.

For new build properties where the Code for Sustainable Homes needs to be taken into account, the eco model has been designed to reduce water usage and bills, thanks to a built-in flow limiter that restricts water flow to 6 litres per minute.

Lorna Fellowes, managing director at Triton said:

“In developing the new T80Z Fast-Fit, we were keen to provide Housing Association and Local Authority specifiers with an electric shower they can install without the need to worry about speed of installation or the lifetime costs associated with the unit. As purse strings continue to tighten and targets need to be met, the T80Z Fast-Fit means housing associations and local authorities can keep cost per job to a minimum.

“As the ninth generation of shower to join the T80 family, Triton now has the most comprehensive electric range available on today’s market for contractors or specifiers tasked with installing or replacing a large number of electric showers. They can rest assured all they need to do it fit and forget.”

The T80Z Fast-Fit is available in popular Chrome and White in 7.5kW to 10.5kW models to suit all style and power needs, plus the 8.5kW white Eco model.

The T80Z Fast-Fit shower is priced from around £130 depending on finish and kW size, meaning installers can benefit from a number of additional features for the same affordable price.

The complete T80Z family has a two year guarantee and forms part of Triton’s next day rapid replenishment service if ordered before 5pm. For further information on Triton’s complete range of products and services for specifiers, visit the dedicated area of Triton’s website at www.tritonshowers.co.uk. Alternatively, download Triton’s free of charge iPhone app from iTunes for handy installation tips and advice, for the latest promotions and information follow @tritonshowers on Twitter or like tritoninstallers on Facebook.

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