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Trust Stertil Stokvis for an Efficient, Safe and Reliable Loading Bay


Pressure has never been greater for businesses to perform efficiently and at speed. With the time constraints you have to work within, the last thing you need is a breakdown in your loading bay.

If you can’t get raw materials into the production cycle, it means you can’t take finished goods away. And if you’re not delivering, you’re probably not invoicing. The impact on your bottom line can be swift and serious.

You need to prevent costly breakdowns and thus avoid inefficient working – but how? Let Stertil Stokvis provide you with a proactive and well-planned maintenance regime, designed specifically around your operation. A regime like this will not only guard against breakdowns, but also keep you abreast of the latest regulations and health and safety requirements.

Using Stertil Stokvis as your service supplier will ensure:

  • Fast response when you need it
    • We know that breakdowns don’t usually occur between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday, so we’re there when you need us.
  • First time repairs
    • It’s no good to you if a supplier can respond quickly but, once on site, is unable to carry out the necessary repairs. All Stertil Stokvis engineers carry an extensive range of parts with them at all times.
  • Flexibility
    • You need a service supplier who is flexible and able to adapt the service offered to your requirements. If your operation is busy at set times of the day, Stertil Stokvis will work outside of these hours, ensuring minimum disruption to your business.
  • Legal compliance
    • Your service supplier needs to comply with all the current health and safety requirements for the equipment. Stertil Stokvis has strict compliance procedures in place and is externally audited by SafeContractor, an industry-recognised body.

Whilst it’s crucial initially to have a well-designed and installed loading bay incorporating quality products, ongoing efficient and reliable operation can only be ensured by effective service and maintenance. At Stertil Stokvis, we recommend you adopt a properly-planned maintenance strategy to make sure, not only that your dock equipment performs at optimum efficiency levels, but also that all necessary health and safety regulations are being met.

Call Stertil Stokvis on 0870 770 0471 for advice on maintaining your loading bay or to arrange a free, no-obligation site visit from a technical representative.

Stertil Stokvis – service you can trust.


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