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Twinfix Thermoclick – translucent profile-free faÇade system


For use in vertical glazing faÇade applications, the Twinfix Thermoclick system consists of 40mm wide, UV protected, multiwall sheet panels with a profiled tongue and groove connection, fitted into a thermally broken aluminium frame. This inter-connecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby potentially saving costs, enhancing aesthetics and reducing internal shadows.

The X-structure of the panels provides exceptional stiffness and thermal insulation.

The thermally broken Twinfix Thermoclick system offers:

  • Unique four wall with X-structure
  • UV protected outer surface for long-term weather resistance
  • Good light transmission and light diffusion characteristics
  • Extremely high stiffness; spans unsupported up to 2.5m, depending on wind pressure
  • Excellent thermal insulation, helps to cut your carbon footprint
  • High impact strength
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Clear sheets available as standard, with colours to special order
  • Solar Control IR version for optimal solar heat reduction also to special order

Use Twinfix Thermoclick for:

  • Sports hall and swimming pool glazing
  • External and internal warehouse glazing
  • Plant room facades
  • Vertically glazed screen
  • Innovatively glazed facades

You can fix the panels from either the inside or the outside, depending upon the span of your glazing and the local wind pressure conditions. For long spans the panels can be fixed to internal horizontal rails with unobtrusive fix keys.

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