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Unique Dulux Trade Light & Space Absolute White confirmed as whitest colour on the market


Tests have confirmed that by being less absorbent and more reflective of light, the unique Light & Space Absolute White paint from Dulux Trade is the whitest, lightest and brightest paint on the market.

Using a combination of unique LumitecTM technology, optimised tinting recipes and a range of high Light Reflectance Value (LRV) colours, the Light & Space colour range allows light to be distributed around the room more effectively. As a result, up to 22 per cent less light is required to light the room, and therefore energy costs can also be reduced.

Dulux Trade has combined the excellent opacity and spreading rates of standard Vinyl Matt with properties of the Light & Space colour range, so combined with a far higher LRV, Light & Space Absolute White is the whitest paint available.

Dulux Trade Light & Space Absolute White is available in five finishes, including Ecosure Matt, Flat Matt and Diamond Eggshell, so whether application attributes, aesthetic finish or sustainable credentials are of primary importance for a specification, this paint is the perfect choice for all decorating requirements.

Carolyn Mayne, Brand Manager at Dulux Trade comments: “These recent test results confirm that Light & Space Absolute White from Dulux Trade really is the whitest colour available on the market. In this era of increased environmental sensitivity, it’s absolutely vital that specifiers across every sector have access to paint products with robust, measurable and impactful green credentials, and that generate genuine energy savings as well as looking uncompromisingly stunning in every setting.”

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