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The UK’s number one underfloor heating specialist has introduced a range of air to water heat pumps for the first time, as it looks to broaden its domestic heating solutions.

Uponor has entered the heat pump market after identifying a high demand for the energy efficient product, which is seen as an ideal accompaniment to its existing underfloor heating and plumbing systems.

Uponor is working alongside Toshiba Carrier to offer complete system solutions,, which are expected to significantly penetrate a market growth of around 100,000 units per year over the next 10 years.

It is hoped that the partnership will lead to a seamless heating provision from Uponor, both from an installation and aftersales perspective.

Uponor’s applications manager Neil Young said discussions had been taking place for around 12 months to add heat pump systems to the brand’s portfolio.

He said: “Uponor has always placed a huge emphasis on its ‘family of products‘ which offer a variety of different solutions and a number of advantages over our competitors.

“Our portfolio of heat pumps are a welcome addition and represent the start of an exciting new chapter for Uponor.

“Heat pumps and underfloor heating systems have always been very closely aligned, operating most efficiently at very similar low water temperatures.

“The decision to expand into this market will offer installers a fully integrated system and a peace of mind for the end user.”

Neil added that while there was a lot of competition in the heat pump market, Uponor’s ‘philosophy of plumbing’ would ensure lasting success for the business.

“A lot of companies sell heat pumps. What we want to do is to look at each individual project and offer more in terms of the finished solution. We will assess each project individually and see what is the best way forward. If heat pumps are suitable we can specify the right one together with the most appropriate underfloor heating package.

“If heat pumps are not a suitable option, then we will be able to say why not and find a solution that works.”

All Uponor staff will be fully trained at the company’s Lutterworth based training academy with representatives from Toshiba Carrier.

Each product will also boast a three year guarantee as standard, which to our knowledge is the longest agreement of its kind in the market.

Neil said that the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive was also great news for the industry and could not be underestimated.

“Last year, figures revealed around 4,000 heat pump sales – a figure that will grow considerably over the coming years.

“With the Government’s commitment to its Renewable Heat Incentive as well, we see air source heat pumps as a significant addition to our range of domestic heating solutions.”

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