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Uponor RA Manifold Expands The Use For Radiators


Leading flexible plumbing and underfloor heating company Uponor Housing Solutions (www.uponorhousingsolutions.co.uk) is pleased to announce the introduction of the RA Manifold range; a unique system that allows thermostatic control of radiators without the need for TRVs. With comfort and controllability in mind, Uponor have designed a range of manifolds that allow control of individual radiators via wall mounted thermostats.

The New Uponor RA Manifold range allows sophisticated controls to be incorporated into a radiator heating system by using thermal actuators mounted on the distribution manifold, similar to underfloor heating. There are a range of benefits associated with manifold plumbing in this way; efficiency being the most relevant in today’s marketplace. The system uses the information returned to the actuators by the strategically placed thermostats; which only open the actuators when the heat is needed, keeping heat fluctuations to a minimum and improving comfort levels. The RA manifold allows each radiator to be manually adjusted or isolated off at source; giving the flexibility to heat selected areas easily. The manifold is designed for radiator systems and can take water temperatures of up to 95degrees; but uniquely this also means that the system can be run in conjunction with Uponor’s UFH, all controlled by Uponor’s New Control System – Radio, alongside UFH.

Increasingly customers are using underfloor heating (UFH) on the ground floor of properties and radiators on the first floor. By using Uponor’s latest control offering it is now possible to view and ‘set’ the radiator and UFH system parameters from the one central point – isolating each individual room/zone; reducing the temperature in times of inactivity or during the evening. It is also possible to use the same radio frequency thermostats for the radiator system and UFH, utilising a choice of three different types of thermostat to suit a range of customer tastes.

Manifold plumbing for a long time has been used by plumbers to isolate runs of pipe utilising a flow and a return at each end of the run. The UK market has always seemed to take its lead form its European counterparts, where manifold plumbing has been the standard practice for many years. Manifold plumbing uses fewer fittings, and therefore reduces the chance of any leaks, and also gives a more balanced flow rate than a standard system. All the first fix equipment is located in a cupboard allowing for all the different loops to be identified, regulated and isolated, keeping them locked away from inexperienced hands.

Uponor feel it is extremely important to be able to provide not just UFH but to ensure a clients radiator needs are also met. It is a common misconception that you either have radiators or UFH – why not have both? When it is cost or practical issues Uponor allows the client to have both heating techniques working in harmony to create the best living environment possible with energy efficiency in mind. Problem arises when cold tap pipework is run through a floor fitted with UFH. Uponor expertise ensures the pipework is mapped out perfectly to give the best performance and uphold all health and safety aspect of running both UFH and manifold plumbing together.

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