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Uponor Revamp their pex Making it even more Appealing


Uponor are pleased to announce that their long established PEX pipe has gone through a development process to further increase its appeal in the marketplace. Included in the re-launch is an improved fitting system that ensures the PEX Ring cannot slip down the pipe, an auto rotating expander tool, a new range of service valves and brass fittings. In addition the pipe range will also benefit from an additional 12mm diameter size suitable for installing within the recesses of walls.

The fitting system now supports inventive tooling head which fits onto the existing guns and eliminates the need for rotating the pipe making working in tight spaces easier. The PEX ring now contains an integrated ‘pipe stop’ to prevent it from slipping back down to pipe. As before the PEX fitting system has no moving parts reducing the risk of damage to fittings during transit, storage or the installation process.

The joint is sealed by the pipe internally, using the elasticity of the pipe; the PEX ring is fitted over the pipe and expanded with the pipe and the PEX fitting is pushed into the pipe. The pipe and ring shrink back to their original dimension created during the manufacture process gripping the fitting, meaning the joint’s integrity actually increases over time. This creates a solid, permanent, inexpensive joint is only 25 seconds. The pipe has attained industry standards and approvals such as the British Standard BS7291 Class S and all has full WRAS approval.

The Uponor PEX Plumbing range extends from a product line of pipes that go all the way back 1620 in Virsbo Sweden. The plastic PEX Pipe that we know today was introduced in 1972, with a estimated 2.5 million metres manufactured (Oct 07) by 17 factories in 11 countries around the world. The re-launch of the PEX sees no change to the Polyethylene Cross Linked material that has served the product well in the last 36 years, but merely to the Quick and Easy fitting system.

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