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Uponor Unravel The Truth To A More Professional Service


In Brief,

  • Investment in Decoiling Machine for Pre-Insulated Pipe
  • Machine delivers a more professional service
  • Significant investment into infrastructure

In a period of uncertainty surrounding manufacturers of construction based products, Uponor Housing Solutions is ‘bucking the trend’ in what has been a successful first six months of the year. One area in particular that has seen significant investment is Uponor Pre-Insulated pipe range, with the introduction of a new decoiling machine and its warehouse facility in Lutterworth. Uponor Housing Solutions are the leading suppliers of Pre-Insulated pipework in the UK priding themselves on both innovations and their willingness to adapt to modern methods of construction.

The decoiling machine has simplified the process of straightening out the pipe, cutting it to length, and recoiled it to be delivered to site, providing much needed assistance for the Uponor staff. Uponor were the first to offer the ‘cut to length’ service, however the demand for the product is such that a process needed to be implemented to ensure all the orders carried out in professional manner. Fixed lengths save money on costs by reducing unnecessary waste and time lost on site by cutting the pipe manually.

In a range containing seven different pipe configurations, Uponor’s Pre-Insulated pipe is able to transport a variety of liquids both inside and outside of buildings with minimal temperature differentiation. The system also comprises of a complete range of products for ‘heating’ and ‘hot and cold’ water supplies. Its material properties give long service life and as the pipes are low weight and highly flexible, they can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners.

“The new machine is a huge investment for us (Uponor), allowing us to provide a more professional service and to me it is a clear indication of our ambition to be a leading supplier of pipework in the UK. The decoiler is only one aspect of the warehouse design, as we have endeavored to increase the flow of traffic around the facility and making the best use of the addition 10,800ft2 we acquired this year. We have seen a lot of investment into our infrastructure the last couple of years; including installers training facilities for all our pipework systems, additional staff, and significant marketing support.”Steve Randon (Supply Chain Manager)

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