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VMZINC CPD – zinc as a building envelope


As one of Europe’s market leaders in zinc roofing, cladding and rainwater systems, VMZINC’s CPD presentation 'Zinc as a building envelope' examines the metal’s use in construction today. It discusses the flexibility and durability of zinc as well as specific factors such as corrosion, ventilation, expansion/contraction, recycling and the environment.

As a non-ferrous metal, zinc is naturally self-protecting. If supplied in its natural finish, it gradually forms an attractive light grey patina which requires little or no maintenance. It offers durability, long-term cost-effectiveness and malleability and is therefore ideal for shaping and complex detailing.

The choice of systems and 5 visually distinctive, pre-weathered colours has enabled VMZINC to develop an identity for the metal which suits diverse architectural styles. Whether used for new build, refurbishment or to extend, rolled zinc is now widely used to complement a variety of building materials. The pre-weathered colours mellow gradually and buildings therefore retain the appearance for which the material was specified.

Using VM ZINC PLUS which has a coating applied to protect the material's underside from corrosion, it is now possible to install zinc in warm roof applications where the zinc and support are not ventilated.

Compared with other metals, very little energy is needed to manufacture zinc metal from ore – less than half that consumed for copper and stainless steel and a quarter that used for aluminium. Zinc’s typical lifespan can exceed 100 years and as an example, the recently redeveloped Brighton railway station had a VMZINC roof which was over a century old removed, recycled and new material supplied.

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