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VMZINC's first appearance at Ecobuild


Stand 1457 sees market leader VM Zinc exhibiting at Ecobuild for the first time. Its range of standing seam roofing and cladding systems will be on display alongside BRE certified interlocking panels and a new, fully integrated, standing seam PV system. This utilises low profile panels which provide a high energy return and therefore occupy far less roof space. The VMZINC PLUS warm roof system on rigid insulation will also be exhibited following the award of its BBA certificate. VMZINC’s compact roof approach, using Foamglas® enables zinc to be used in environments such as swimming pools, where extreme humidity and chemicals would otherwise cause damage as they evaporate.

Zinc’s continued increase in use owes much to its lasting appearance, minimal maintenance requirements, low design life cost and proven sustainability. It complements a diverse range of building materials and styles, while pre-weathered Anthra-Zinc®, Quartz-Zinc® and Pigmento® colours have also greatly extended design scope.

90% of old rolled zinc is reclaimed in mainland Europe (around 100,000 tonnes each year), and no other non-ferrous metal uses less energy in the manufacturing process. Even when comparing consumption using recycled materials, over 30% less is used than with aluminium.

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