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Volex’s Multimedia Plate


A unique solution to managing “spaghetti” cables
Easily customised on site

Most multimedia accessory manufacturers have reacted to the fact that the average house needs TV / FM / Data / Audio / Phone / Satellite and power to be provided neatly to the home entertainment centre of the house – generally the lounge. However, every system is different, so it can become expensive and time consuming to order a custom made product for anything slightly out of the ordinary.

Volex, ever mindful of this problem, have just launched a simple, economical, yet decorative answer. Called a Multimedia Plate, it seems at first glance similar to other offerings on the market, but its major benefit provides the contractor and their customers with a much more elegant solution.

The standard back box for the Multimedia Plate has two segregated compartments to prevent interference between mains and the extra low voltages of the media components. But the real benefit of the Multimedia Plate is that in addition to the pair of twin switched power sockets, the data and media side of the outlet has two euro-slots to accommodate up to six euro-modules. This simple idea allows contractors to perfectly match the media system requirements of the customer by ‘customising’ the outlet on site. 15 different communication or data/coax modules are currently available to provide input and output facilities as required, with no compromises required.

The Multimedia Plate is the latest addition to the Volex range and is available in either polished steel, stainless steel or white finishes.

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