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Vortice ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast 3 – Transcript to support learning



Vortice ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast 3 – Transcript to support learning

Every effort has been made to flawlessly transcribe the interview to support learning but please consider the recorded audio of the interview as the actual source of information for learning purposes. 

Hi this is Mick de Leiburne for BusinessNet Explorer

And welcome to the – third out of six – in our ‘special edition’ bite-sized learning series of ‘Brand Leader’ podcasts, where we discuss how Good Ventilation can be achieved in the home and in the workplace with Vortice thought leadership and product solutions.  

Well, as the world increasingly recognises the role of Good Ventilation, Jennifer Quinn, Technical and Marketing Manager at Vortice joins us today to talk about Quiet Ventilation Systems and why she is shouting about their new Lineo Quiet range …  

Jennifer joins us on the phone… 

Hi Jennifer, thank you for making time in your busy schedule to allow us again to tap into your knowledge – on the key areas of Good Ventilation on the BusinessNet Explorer podcastand today we are focussing on The Importance of Quiet Ventilation.  

Hi Mick, yes I am looking forward to discussing the need for Quiet Ventilation Systems and our brandnew Lineo Quiet range today.

Jennifer, good to have you here with us today.  Why should we be concerned about the noise that our ventilation fans make?

Several years ago the UK’s Chief Medical Officer noted that noise is second only to poor air quality in its effect on human health, so we’ve been working for a long time developing acoustically lined fans for our ranges so that we can make our ventilation systems as quiet as possible. There’s nothing worse than the drone of a noisy fan if you’re trying to relax, get to sleep, read or work. Also research shows many people turn off extractors due to noise which can then in turn lead to issues with mould and damp and problems further down the line.

What specific products has Vortice developed with noise in mind?

Our already established Lineo fan range now includes the Lineo Quiet and the new Lineo Quiet ESrange, Other units include the axial Punto Evo Flexo and our heat recovery units the Neti and Avel.

What’s special about the Lineo Quiet?

The new Lineo Quiet range is the ventilation equivalent to a Swiss army knife, designed to offer an effective solution to a wide range of ventilation demands, resulting in a powerful tool for both the installer and the end user. VORTICE wanted to create a powerful fan range whilst keeping the unit extremely quiet.

The fan has therefore been redeveloped with special sound absorbing material to help absorb the sound and flow straighteners and re-designed straightening veins inside the unit to ensure a lot less energy wastage. The energy efficient Lineo Quiet ES also offers an acoustically lined fan and is equipped with electronically controlled brushless EC motors.

Another great feature of the new Lineo Quiet range is that it is environmentally friendly, very easy to fit and maintain and its recyclable and has been designed for disassembly.

How quiet is quiet?

Quiet is down to interpretation and is very personal. However as a general rule the dba of the units when installed correctly with the correct sound attenuators would be no noisier than rustling leaves.We do have a vast amount of sound data which has been tested and published and these units are one of the lowest dba’s on the marketplace.

Just how important for your health is it to be in a quiet environment?

You know when you suddenly notice a noise, you can’t un-notice it?  Well after a while that becomes really stressful, it can even bring on increased blood pressure levels, heart attacks and stroke, never mind disturb your sleep patterns.  

VORTICE recognises that noise can be a serious issue for many people and therefore always ensures the lowest possible dba is achieved to help create a harmonious environment.

Does Vortice have any plans to launch any other quiet fans to its range?

Yes, noise levels are an important marker in our new product development programme, so I know there are already several more quiet fans in development.

Noisy appliances can be really invasive to the living or working environment, so anything we can do to do keep noise to the minimum obviously helps. The worst scenario for us would be people turning off fans in order to stop the noise, which would then result in poor indoor air quality. Vortice always wants to ensure that their fans are being used as they should be to create a quiet and peaceful environment to enhance their health.

Well Jennifer thank you again for joining us today on this – third in a series of six – special edition BNE Product News ‘Brand Leader’ interview podcasts with Vortice discussing best practice in Good Ventilation.

Thank you Mick, thank you for your time today

Always a pleasure. 

 For more information about the Vortice range of products, please go to www.vortice.ltd.uk 

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