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Vortice ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast 2 – Transcript to support learning


‘Good Ventilation: Heat Recovery Systems And The Role They Play’

Vortice ‘Brand Leader’ Interview Podcast Series – Transcript to support learning

Every effort has been made to flawlessly transcribe the interview to support learning but please consider the recorded audio of the interview as the actual source of information for learning purposes.

Hi this is Mick de Leiburne for BusinessNet Explorer

And welcome to the – second out of six – in our ‘special edition’ series of ‘Brand Leader’ podcasts, where we discuss how Good Ventilation can be achieved in the home and in the workplace – with Vortice thought leadership and product solutions.

Well, as the world recognises the role of Good Ventilation, Jennifer Quinn, Marketing Manager at Vortice joins us today – to talk about Heat Recovery Systems and the role they play…

Jennifer joins us on the phone…

Hi Jennifer, good to get another chance – to tap into your knowledge – on the key areas of Good Ventilation on the BusinessNet Explorer podcast and today we are focussing on Heat Recovery Systems.

Hi Mick, yes I am looking forward to discussing all about Heat Recovery today and the features of it.

Well let’s start today with ‘What are heat recovery systems?’

A heat recovery unit is a centralised mechanical ventilation system which recovers the heat and energy contained in stale indoor air before extracting it, by passing it over a heat exchanger and then adding the recovered energy, be it warm or cold back into the rooms.

So, are heat recovery units actually all about energy efficiency?

That’s part of the story yes, the units are designed to recover the air energy within a building, be it warm or cold, and then the units put a percentage of that back into the home, therefore your heating doesn’t have to work as hard and therefore heating bills are lower which is a cost saving. There are also huge additional benefits too.

In a post-pandemic world, the importance of good ventilation and indoor air quality has had a spotlight shone upon it – heat recovery units not only bring fresh air continuously into the building, they also filter the air that they introduce.

What sort of heat recovery units does Vortice offer?

VORTICE offers a whole collection of heat recovery units – domestic, commercial, industrial – specifically designed to assist with good air quality and filtration whilst ensuring the best of our energy efficient features. The family of heat recovery units offered by VORTICE includes filters which can take out many of the pollutants in the atmosphere.

Because the VORTICE heat recovery unit filters the fresh air being introduced into a property, it helps to protect the health of the occupants and reduce the risk of transferring viruses. People spend up to 90% of their time indoors and with growing evidence of airborne pathogens and viruses moving around our buildings, it is really vital to ensure a building has effective ventilation.

*Good Ventilation is increasingly becoming recognised as a ‘must have’. How would you summarise – the need for Heat Recovery – and the product solutions you have developed at Vortice?

Good ventilation, specifically Heat Recovery, is fundamental in reducing the spread of bacteria and virus and a continuously running heat recovery unit ensures a constant supply of fresh filtered air into the home. Our range covers domestic heat recovery units from our small HR200 unit, to our Passivhaus accredited Avel 450 D. We also have a wide range of commercial and industrial heat recovery units like the Vort Invisible Mini, which is Void mounted, ideal for hotel rooms.

Government advisors have been reiterating the important role that ventilation plays in our health during this recent pandemic and the VORTICE heat recovery systems can certainly impact upon the quality of the indoor air in our homes.

This week, the British Heart Foundation have done ‘Love Your Lungs Week’ which is highlighting the fight for clean air so its really appropriate that we are talking about this today.

Yes, it is a fantastic initiative. Well Jennifer thank you again for joining us today on this – second in a series of six – special edition BNE Product News ‘Brand Leader’ interview podcasts with Vortice – discussing best practice in Good Ventilation.

Thank you Mick, thank you for your time today

Always a pleasure.

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