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VortX, the next generation of drainage solutions from iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK, part of leading materials group Saint-Gobain, includes a range of innovatively designed trapped gully bodies which are lighter in weight and easier to install than traditional trapped gully bodies.

A trapped gully is used to prevent foul air entering a building. The ‘P’ and ‘S’ traps, which accommodate horizontal and vertical water flow respectively, require less installation space – only 180mm borehole – delivering savings on installation and a more convenient and compact floor drainage solution.

The gully bodies are supplied with 110mm spigot outlets and three-plugged two-inch BSP inlets that incorporate flange design features, which can be installed with or without a standard clamp ring. Non-trapped gullies can be used with a ‘P’ trap installed in the drainage systems.

Mike Rawlings, Marketing Manager – Soil and Drain at Saint-Gobain PAM UK, commented: “The intelligently-designed ‘P’ and ‘S’ traps are lighter and smaller than traditional gully bodies, significantly improving the installation process for users.

“These innovative gully bodies are part of VortX, a new range of cast iron floor drainage products that complement and enhance our established Ensign and Timesaver cast iron systems for the commercial and construction market.. Designed in accordance with BS EN 1253:2004, the range comprises more than 60 components. Full flow rate information for all grating options are available on request.”

For further information on Saint-Gobain PAM UK’s VortX range, visit www.pam-vortx.co.uk.

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