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Vrooooom….softened water accelerates around Sir Stirling Moss's home!


The man who is still undeniably Mr Motor Racing here in the UK – the much loved and respected Sir Stirling Moss – has chosen a new Tapworks water softener for his home in London. The new softener was installed recently as part of a programme of renovations and upgrades to the ‘Moss’ home and is already making the ‘gadget friendly’ Sir Stirling a very happy man! The water softener comes with a remote control that can operate up to 100 feet away from the softener itself and Sir Stirling is already eagerly interrogating his new softener from the fourth floor kitchen of his home!

The installation is in the basement of Sir Stirling’s Mayfair home and in quite a tight corner, so the installation was a challenge, without being a problem! Tapworks engineer John Nixon and Service Manager Nick Bampton set about installing the unit at around 9.30am and they were explaining by 1pm to Sir Stirling and Lady Moss how to use the softener’s remote control which was by then up and running.

The location for the softener wasn’t totally straightforward but the Tapworks boys were able to agree a location fairly quickly, join up the pipework and get the unit finally positioned so that Sir Stirling and his wife Susie can load the salt with ease when they need to do so. The water softener is totally automatic with all normal controls being sorted from the remote control unit. The read out on the control told Sir Stirling that it would not need salt for 82 days – he was fascinated by the control unit and very happy with the new softener.

Mains water across London and the south east tends to be pretty hard and damage to appliances and heating systems can be extensive, so installing a water softener is a sensible approach. As well as improving the quality of life, softened water is far better for washing, bathing, reduces wear and tear on washing machines and dish washers, as well as keeping the kettle from furring up. It can reduce energy bills – up to 15% lower bills is common – whilst boilers and heating systems do not suffer from the rigours of hard water leading to limescale encrustation in the heat exchanger of the boiler, in pipework, pumps and radiators. The savings on maintenance can also be significant.

It’s clear that Sir Stirling has made a decision to make life as straightforward as he can and his Tapworks water softener unit will play a big part in ensuring things run smoothly in the years ahead. In the past twelve months Tapworks has seen double the number of large softeners sold – particularly in London and the Southeast – highlighting the value of addressing the problems of limescale build up in larger homes.

“We’re delighted with the new water softener and we’re great fans of softened water,” said Sir Stirling as he relaxed in his kitchen after the installation. “It makes a real difference to everyday life as well as reducing the amount of soap and detergent we need to use. It makes having a shower or a bath much more pleasant and Susie says it’s better for her – so that’s all that matters,” he chuckled, toying with a signed racing helmet he’d been given by Sebastian Vettel.

“We’re delighted Sir Stirling has decided to use one of our softeners in his home,” says Tapworks Janet Dexter. “It was a joy to install the unit in his and Susie’s home – they were so welcoming and happy to witness the new softener being installed. We had tremendous fun there. Sir Stirling is known to be fond of gadgets so it was a no-brainer for him to go with an electronic water softener.”

Absolutely,” said Sir Stirling. “You wouldn’t have a non-electronic kettle or a non-electric washing machine these days. Why consider anything but an electronic water softener? It does a terrific job and you can literally control it from almost anywhere in the house. I’m very impressed by it all!”

Find out more about Tapworks water softeners at www.tapworks.co.uk or call 01494 480 621 for information.

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