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WAGO joins forces with “Strategic Outsourcing Specialist”


WAGO, the automation, interconnection and electrical interface specialist, has agreed a deal to supply components to PP Control & Automation for use in their electrical assemblies. The agreement is the latest in a series of new supplier partnerships struck by WAGO.

As one of the global leaders in electrical control systems, cable harnesses and sub-contract manufacturing solutions, PP Control & Automation serves building services, food and beverage, medical, energy, security, semiconductor manufacturing, printing and others. Customers are increasingly demanding more complex machines with shorter lead times. “Production capacity of particular machine configurations often has to be ramped up and ramped down at short notice. For this reason, the company needs suppliers that it can trust to provide reliable components to specification in a short space of time,” says Tony Hague, managing director of PP Control & Automation.

WAGO, whose interconnection and automation products provide the backbone for critical applications are supplying DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks, power supplies, electronic circuit breakers, and automation controllers and modules.

“Customers require a higher degree of configuration than ever before,” continues Hague, “And it’s up to us to provide exactly what they need. Things can move quickly in industry, and the increasing need for agility means that good product design and effective specification at component level are critical. Even the highest standards of workmanship can’t save you from inferior components, which is why partnerships with suppliers like WAGO are so important to us.

“In every case PP Control & Automation recommends and makes use of CAGE CLAMP® technology and the security of connection that it provides. We have already, on a number of occasions, replaced more traditional screw clamp connections with CAGE CLAMP, and our customers have seen an immediate and significant improvement in connection reliability.”

Tony Hoyle, managing director, WAGO Limited, adds; “We are always pleased to know that industry-leading OEMs such as PP Control & Automation choose WAGO products, and it demonstrates the high regard in which we are held within the market. A major benefit for us is that customers who may not ordinarily have specified WAGO get to see just what our products are capable of.”

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