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Wakaflex lead-free flashing for ultimate performance


Wakaflex installed

Lead flashing work normally requires a specialist roofer and can be hazardous to the installer if strict health and safety procedures aren’t adhered to.The price of lead can also be prohibitive for basic upstand work.

This has prompted introduction of a large number of lead-free flashings, though Klober Wakaflex® stands apart as one of the longest established and highest performing. BBA-certified and with a 20-year guarantee, it is ideal for all roofing types including clay, concrete, slate, metal and polycarbonate. Available in, light grey, anthracite, brown and terracotta (the latter two to special order), it has an aluminium ‘honeycomb‘ mesh embedded into UV-resistant butyl rubber which gives the product similar malleability to lead but with no scrap value. Unlike lead, it can be stretched by up to 50% in length and 15% in width and with no susceptibility to thermal movement it can be laid in long lengths without fixing clips. With no need for forming or other specialist tools Wakaflex provides lasting performance regardless of detailing complexity and can be shaped around deeply profiled tiles or used to seal the top saddle and roof penetrations.

Wakaflex has a high-strength, self-adhesive Butylon® backing which provides immediate weatherproofing and on laps chemically bonds to the facing to provide a virtually unbreakable seal. It is environmentally safe, presents no  contamination problem with water run-off and can therefore  be used with rainwater harvesting systems.No heat, solvents, adhesives or other additional means of fixing are needed and installation can take place in temperatures from minus 40 – 100⁰C, normally without priming.

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