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New Bona finish chosen to restore hall floor

Floor Restorers have carried out work at the renowned school premises before, but it was the first time this particular floor had been sanded back for 16 years. Consequently there was considerable surface damage to deal with including scratches and scrapes, a build up of maintenance products and some water damage.

She explained “I specified Bona Traffic Anti-Slip as events are held on both walkways and I was concerned that drink/food spillage on the Oak floor could cause someone to slip. Stewart Taylor of the flooring contractors, Bailey & Taylor, had already recommended we use a Bona varnish and, after doing my own research, it seemed that Traffic Anti-Slip was just what we required. The walkways are used by the public in high numbers and the high durability offered by Traffic again made it ideal for this type of use. We also wanted a natural look and we were reassured that we would achieve this using Traffic. The City of London is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and Bona’s green credentials confirmed our choice.”

The walkways had been carpeted until this year a decision was made by the Surveyors to find a floorcovering which would give a long term saving and would look more stylish. The walkways are now used as a venue for sophisticated corporate events and wedding receptions. Bailey and Taylor sourced character grade English Oak planks and recommended using a lacquer from Bona’s range to deliver the required look and performance.

The carpet and plywood beneath was removed to reveal rubber studded tiles which, as part of the fabric of the Tower, have to be retained. New battens, insulation board and plywood were installed and the Oak planks were then secret nailed into place with the perimeter boards being stuck down with Bona’s silane based adhesive, R850.

The new boards were then sanded to a 120 grit finish and one coat of Bona’s Prime Classic applied. Prime Classic helps give a wooden surface a well-bodied appearance and also reduces the risk of sidebonding due to its flexibility. Finally, three coats of Traffic Anti Slip were applied according to the specification.

A two component, waterborne 100% polyurethane finish, Traffic Anti Slip delivers a highly durable surface in addition to anti-slip properties conforming to DIN standard 51130 -R10. All versions of Bona Traffic (Matt, Silkmatt and Anti Slip) offer the most durable finish of all Bona’s lacquers and are therefore recommended for areas such as the bridge walkways where extreme resistance to wear is required. Traffic Anti Slip is supplied in a matt finish with a reflective value of just 25% which means the floor maintains a natural look even after the lacquer has been applied.

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