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Waterproofing Project: Royal Courts of Justice, London



This Grade I listed structure has a labyrinth of unused basement areas. With space as a premium the courts looked at converting the brick basements to habitable space.


The Newton System 500 LATH cavity drain system was designed and installed by our Newton Specialist Basement Contractor. The membraine system was mechanically fixed with Nuseal fixing plug, and thus created an air gap for water ingress to be guided to perimeter drainage conduits, which chanelled any water to natural drainage. The water management system installed negated the need for expensive surface preparation and was easily molded to the original building contours. In addition the system is deemed as removable (if required) in accordance with Listed building requirements.


The vaults are now used as a luxury bar and rest area to Environmental Grade 3 (BS8102-1990). The photographs feature illustrate the first phase of this ongoing scheme.

The Benefits

The Victorian Bird Beak Arches were waterproofed without compromising the original features of this historic property.

The completed system was very well received by the clients and is in line with The British Standards and National Heritage guidelines.

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