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Weatherite Installs New Kitchen Canopies At Waitrose


Weatherite Building Services has installed kitchen extract canopies at Waitrose supermarket in Bloomsbury, London.

WBS were awarded this contract – worth over £19,000 – by J A Sylvester Mechanical Services Ltd to design, manufacture and install the canopies in the store’s kitchen area. This project follows Weatherite’s successful completion of similar works at Waitrose stores in Droitwich and Cheltenham.

Each canopy contains an ultra violet light that uses ozone technology to break down and destroy residual grease and odour, ensuring that no cooking smells are emitted from the building.

Mike Turton, sales director, WBS, commented: “Having researched the different odour control methods, we selected the UV solution for Waitrose as this met the planning conditions and provided the best solution.

“Not only does the system comply with the local authorities stringent requirements, the reduced build-up of grease in the ductwork means that there is a greatly reduced requirement for ductwork cleaning.”

Mike added: “From the simplest hood design to the most sophisticated energy saving ceiling ventilation system, we can provide the complete solution for all types of kitchens.”

WBS is part of the £40m Weatherite group, one of the UK leaders in air conditioning and air handling equipment.

More recently WBS has expanded its activities to cover other sectors of the building services market, including heating, ventilation, boiler house refurbishment, water, control systems and electrics, as well as all aspects of commercial air conditioning systems. WBS now offers a single source choice to its customers which includes project management, design, installation and commissioning capabilities.

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