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Crabtree Weatherseal accessories are waterproof to IP56 making them ideally suitable for any extremes of the UK climate, particularly a winter such as the one we’ve just survived. The IP56 rating confirms the products are proof against rain, including hailstones and snow, dust and small particles of dirt, in fact almost any medium that, for reasons of safety, should be kept firmly outside of the working mechanism of both socket outlet and switch. They are also available with an integrated RCD for even greater protection, in line with the latest 17th edition which specifies them in new and refurbished installations more widely now than ever before.

With April showers and more to cope with this spring, the IP56 rating of Weatherseal is paramount, and achieved by the surround to the socket being fitted with a specially formulated substance, impervious to water and dust. It differs from the gel-like substances used by other manufacturers as it is made from a new, specially developed and highly effective material, helping the switch retain its IP 56 rating after repeated use. When a standard 13A plug is fitted in the socket the lid can be easily closed, the whole outlet is sealed off against dust and dirt particles.

But for maximum safety outdoors or in a similarly hostile environment, Weatherseal waterproof RCD protected 13A sockets should be used.  In those parts of a house or annexe, such as a conservatory or utility room, or in a stand-alone building like a workshop or garage, where water might be sprayed for instance when washing down cars, they are key. In commercial applications where dust or oily deposits are present, their use is equally important.

The Weatherseal range from Crabtree is very affordable, and offers switches rated at 20A.  Socket outlets come as single un-switched, and twin switched DP 13A or 13A BS7288 RCD protected outlets also available. In common with many other Crabtree products, Weatherseal can be customised on site by using most items from the standard or Euromodule range.

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