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Westerham Company Wins Queen's Award for Enterprise


Local shower designer and manufacturer Aqualisa has been awarded one of the UK’s most coveted business awards – a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. The award, which has been conferred in the scheme’s innovation category, recognises Aqualisa’s revolutionary and highly successful digital showering technology. This year, only 11 awards have been conferred upon companies in the South East and Aqualisa is the only bathroom company to have triumphed in the innovation category.

Aqualisa’s managing director Harry Rawlinson commented,

“The award is the culmination of over a decade’s research and investment, backed by our fervent belief that digital technology is the future of the bathroom. We are so proud that Aqualisa’s commitment to innovation has been recognised at such a high level. It is a real triumph for everyone at Aqualisa who has supported our ‘digital revolution’ over the last 10 years.”

The Queen’s Award recognises Aqualisa for its outstanding achievement of creating an entirely new kind of showering technology. Since Quartz Digital was launched in 2001, Aqualisa has established a new benchmark for showering sophistication and intelligence in the bathroom industry; leading the development of the digital showering genre and positioning digital as the hottest product sector in the bathroom market.

Easy to use and just as easy to install, the key benefits of Aqualisa’s digital showers include a simple start/stop push button, which makes fiddling with unwieldy shower dials and controls a thing of the past, an illuminated LED display on the shower’s control, which indicates when the water has reached the right temperature – meaning the user knows exactly when to step into their shower – and, for some digital variants, the option of a wireless remote control, which allows the user to turn their shower on and off from up to 10m away. In addition, there is complete compatibility with all types of home plumbing systems, the option of concealed or exposed designs and a remarkably straightforward fitting procedure, which can take as little as two hours from start to finish.

Digital for the Consumer

Digital technology transforms the experience of taking a shower. With digital, it is possible to…

  • Achieve the perfect temperature without struggling with stiff, limescale clogged controls
  • Switch your shower on from outside the bathroom using a wireless remote control or dual switch

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