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What Is Grey Water Recycling?


At ELGA Process Water, we specialise in providing process water systems and services for industrial, pharmaceutical, scientific and healthcare industries. We have over 80 years of experience in our field, and can offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to meet our client's process water requirements.

With our water treatment services, we offer our extensive expertise along with 250 market-leading technologies. We are one of the leading water treatment companies, and we provide effective solutions that can be tailored to the needs of each of our clients.

We know water, and when it comes to reusing and recycling water for clients we try to offer as much value as possible. Our cutting-edge technologies are designed to produce pure water and can be utilised to reuse waste water. We offer a wide range of water processing systems from benchtop water purifiers to centralised pure water delivery systems

Our solutions are sustainable, and we can help our clients meet expectations to reduce the environmental impact of their processes. We are trusted by our clients to meet the strictest safety and performance standards.

With our unique profile of technologies, we deliver patented processes, standardised products, packaged systems, and engineered solutions. The majority of our technology is developed in-house, and are manufactured using high quality materials to strict standards. We offer flexible, responsive service and maintenance, and have 135 business units worldwide so we can provide local water treatment and support when you need it.

Where complex and demanding engineering projects are required, our specialist teams will engineer turn-key water treatment solutions based on client specifications. These solutions will cover project design, technologies and process selection, construction and contract management, and plant commissioning.

What Products And Services Do We Provide?

We are specialists in the following fields and would be delighted to have an opportunity to audit your'Blue Risks' and establish if you could save money or increase production in your business.

  • Pure water systems
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Pure water deionisers
  • Water filtration systems
  • Reverses osmosis (RO) water systems
  • Water polishing technologies
  • Ultra violet water treatment
  • Water quality meters
  • Mobile water treatment
  • Emergency water treatment
  • Water recycling
  • Sustainable solutions for water use
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse

Our services include:

  • Service Deionisation (SDI)- our SDI team can supply an eco-friendly cylinder exchange service to suit your needs.
  • Mobile water purification solutions – we can provide you with pure water, wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Water treatment chemicals – improve the management of your boilers, membranes and conventional water treatment equipment with our specialist chemical knowledge and experience.
  • Water system refurbishment – with our refurbishment services, we can extend the life of your water system without having to compromise on quality or reliability.

ELGA Can Help With All Your Water Treatment Requirements

We can provide water treatment services for a wide range of clients and industries. If you want to know more about our services and what makes us one of the leading water treatment companies, contact us today.

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