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What's flowing where?


The need to know what's flowing where in building services is fundamental to well managed services, good energy/water management, reduced consumption and costs. Whether it's LPHW, Hot water services, Chilled Water, Liquid Heat/Energy flow or Potable water, when you're looking to improve efficiency and reduce consumption and associated costs at some stage in the process you need to know what's flowing where!

Clamp-on, ultrasonic flow measurement is an excellent technology for temporary investigations or permanent flow measurement solutions. Instruments are available to operate on a standalone basis, often with integral logging facilities and the facility for information to be uploaded or permanently connected to aM&T systems.

The potential application of the technology as an Energy Management tool is significant. And it's been utilised by a wide range of organisations including Luton Borough Council, Network Rail, Kings College, Ricoh Arena, University of Manchester and many others. Micronics is the longest established UK Company specialising in the design, manufacture and application of Clamp-on, ultrasonic flow measurement. Applications include, verifying the operation of existing meters, establishing flow and consumption patterns, checking the correct sizing of installed pumps, sizing water filters and permanent meters as part of an aM&T system. But the potential for wider use in both existing and new build is significant and to aid this process Micronics are currently providing CPD presentations to Building Services organisations across the country with the aim of increasing understanding, general awareness and wider application of the technology. If you would like further information on Clamp-on, ultrasonic flow metering, an on-site demonstration of the technology for your specific application or would like to arrange a CPD presentation for your organisation please visit www.micronicsflowmeters.com .

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