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Easilift Loading Systems has launched the Advanced Control Centre, an intuitive management system that helps distribution centres and warehouses to efficiently and pro-actively take care of loading bays and vehicle traffic.

The system comprises four easily accessible web-based modules – Service; Dock Management; Facility Management; and Statistics & Reporting – providing a comprehensive overview of loading bay activity.

Benefits of the system include faster maintenance, more effective servicing, reduced waiting times, and improved safety, security and energy savings.

“The modern technology of the Advanced Control Centre integrates a whole host of useful functions into a complete operational solution,” explains Rob Fay, managing director of Easilift. “With unprecedented control over loading bay processes, warehouse co-ordinators can optimise efficiency for maximum uptime.”

The Service module supports everyday operation with 24/7 monitoring of maintenance requirements. An Easilift specialist is automatically notified upon any equipment breakdown, so that problems can be immediately analysed and solved – sometimes before the problem is detected on-site. Where possible, this is achieved remotely, significantly reducing disruption as well as avoiding service engineer call-out charges.

By delivering an ongoing audit of loading bay activity, the Advanced Control Centre can also measure usage to ensure that periodic maintenance is appropriate to the specific bay. Automatic planning arranges routine maintenance at the correct service intervals to extend product lifetime.

Dock Management offers real-time information on the status of all loading and unloading dock stations to enable the swift and appropriate allocation of vehicles. With remote reservations ahead of arrival and automatic re-allocation upon vehicle departure, bottlenecks are minimised and dock usage maintained.

Facility Management complements these capabilities with an ‘at a glance’ inventory of essential station data. With expensive utilities energy lost every time a door is opened unnecessarily, or internal lighting systems left on, warehouse co-ordinators can restrict usage only to active bays. And with security paramount, the system can augment or replace existing walk-around surveillance.

The final module, Statistics & Reporting, gives the customer up-to-date information on everything from loading bay station usage rates to average loading and unloading times. As well as substantiated analysis to optimise the flow of traffic and goods, it delivers an overview of operational costs.

“Effective business management means knowing what is happening in the workplace, in order to reduce wastage and focus on the essentials. With our Advanced Control Centre, distribution centres and warehouses now have an authoritative tool to co-ordinate all loading bay activity,” confirms Rob Fay.

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