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New boys on the block to develop Micronics metering business with Consultants & Contractors
New boys on the block to develop Micronics metering business with Consultants & Contractors
New boys on the block to develop Micronics metering business with Consultants & Contractors


Wherever there is a building, you’ll find pumps, taking the responsibility for moving water around that building. Quietly, usually inconspicuously, often tucked away neatly in the plant room, pumps are a major component of ensuring that buildings work well and efficiently. And the latest generation of pumps contribute to the energy savings being sought currently by all building owners – with modern pumps such as those supplied by Wilo UK, offering up to 90% energy saving over the old standard efficiency pumps that in the main have been outlawed by recent European legislation. So to be involved in the first non-domestic heating and cooling system in the UK to achieve RHI accreditation, is a major feather in the cap of leading pump manufacturer Wilo UK.

Charles Hurst Group, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland decided many years ago that its car dealerships needed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With cars getting ever greener in their emissions levels in line with Government carbon reduction targets and legislation, it made sense that the buildings and premises the dealer owned reflected this green attitude wherever it could.

Heating and cooling for showrooms can be very expensive so it made sense to look for cost effective ways of providing them, in as green a way as possible – so they began to look carefully at renewables. The arrival of the non-domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) was a major boost to the option of using renewables as opposed to traditional fossil fuelled systems – with twenty years of financial contributions from Government to the renewable system output, a major attraction to the business.

The company called in BS Holdings, a Belfast-based renewables specialist to come up with their solution to the requirement they had for the first Ferrari Maserati dealership to be opened in Northern Ireland. BS Holdings came up with a solution that provided a heating and cooling system, utilising a modularised biomass system, pre-fabricated off site in a pre-packaged plant room that is then literally ‘craned’ onto a low loader, transported to the site and installed, with all connections made on site. The system, as with all systems manufactured by BS Holdings, incorporates components from tried and tested suppliers – including Wilo pumps.

This system incorporated pumps from Wilo to pump the primary and secondary heating systems and to boost the water pressure as required to provide the necessary water flow to all parts of the building.

“We are pleased to work alongside BS Holdings and to have been able to provide the full suite of pumping systems for the Charles Hurst Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Belfast,” says Wilo’s area sales manager Colin Mochan. “Our pumps are used in a host of applications where they rarely if ever get any praise for their reliability and performance, so it’s rewarding when they are used in high profile projects here in the Province – such as the Titanic development and the Giants Causeway Visitors Centre. When they are used in a project like this – it’s a joy to see the ‘green’ pumps from Wilo alongside the ‘Rosso’ red of Ferrari! It warms your heart when you see them doing the job here and getting some deserved credit!”

“We always use Wilo pumps in our pre-packaged plant room applications,” says BS Holdings Managing Director Brian Hood. “We have been in this business long enough to know that when you find component manufacturers that deliver on product and support, you stick with them, and we’ve always been more than impressed with the benefits we get from working alongside Wilo.”

So impressed have Charles Hurst been that they are planning similar installations in four more of their dealerships before the end of this year, all with Wilo pumps as integral parts of the package: “It’s been a major part of our plans for the future,” says Operations Director for Charles Hurst Group, Colin McNab. “It’s part of our green ethos as a business to make every effort to use energy efficient means to heat and cool our premises and these pre-packaged plant rooms, combined with biomass boilers and energy efficient pumps – all fit snugly into that approach. And the non-domestic RHI contributions for the next 20 years for every KWh of heat and cooling we use, makes huge business sense.”

More information about the wide range of energy saving pump options available from Wilo can be found at www.wilo.co.uk or by calling them on 01283 523000.

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