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Windhager UK Launches Variowin At Ecobuild


Windhager UK, Stands 1746, 1750 & 1765, Ecobuild 2010

Leading supplier of sustainable heating systems, Windhager UK, will be exhibiting its range of innovative biomass boilers and solar thermal systems at this year’s Ecobuild, as well as launching the VarioWIN, a versatile and compact biomass pellet boiler with pellet feed variants and different boiler versions to offer a solution to all requirements.

The VarioWIN is a practical heating solution unrivalled for its adaptability, allowing an option of direct pellet feed, suction system or manual loading in a small and compact design that can be installed practically anywhere in the home. The system ensures efficient and clean combustion even in low output ranges and can be combined with other heat generators as a result of Windhager’s system technology. The VarioWIN has an output range from 3.6kW to 12kW and offers an ideal solution for all dwellings with a low energy demand. Installation of the VarioWIN will meet Code 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes without having to improve any of the building fabric.

The Windhager range of wood pellet boilers also includes the latest version of the popular BioWIN boiler, which retains BioWIN’s compact design, its fully automatic operation, and its high levels of efficiency but adds further refinements such as a fully automatic pellet feed, fully automatic ash removal and cleaning and a newly optimised pellet burner. The latest BioWIN also features the digital information module ‘InfoWIN’, giving all data and full text information on the boiler’s operation.

Also in the range is FireWIN, a fully automated wood pellet system with a stylish design making it ideal for use in modern, low energy homes.

Windhager UK will also be exhibiting its new generation of log gasification boilers LogWIN and SilvaWIN. With its small footprint, large filling chamber and new down firing technique to ensure maximum performance and cleaner burning, the LogWIN sets new industry standards in output ranges and efficiency. The SilvaWIN has a unique automatic rapid heat-up procedure ensuring the best possible combustion with optimum energy use and uses optimally attuned unique system components to ensure that the system is reliable and safe to operate.

Windhager UK also supplies SolarWIN flat plate solar collectors an intelligent way to make an active contribution against climate change, using the latest technology for maximum extraction of solar energy to positively reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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