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Wireless electronic room thermostats speed up installation in awkward areas >


Providing householders with the advantages of electronic temperature control is easier than ever with the new Programastat wireless 7-day programmable room thermostat form Timeguard.

Wire free installation is ideal where it is impractical to run wires between a room thermostat and other central heating controls, and this new device can be relied on to transmit time and temperature programmes to its wall-mounted receiver box up to 60m away.

The room thermostat has an attractive illuminated display, showing temperature and status, while all the other controls are neatly hidden behind a drop-down flap. These enable householders to choose different settings for different days of the week, workdays and weekends for instance.

The Programastat range of electronic room thermostats and heating programmers also includes simple, hard-wired room thermostats and multi-channel heating and hot water controllers to provide all the options you will need to improve energy efficiency in your customer’s homes and, as you will have come to expect from Timeguard, the range combines superior, guaranteed performance with remarkably competitive pricing.

Behind the sleek exteriors of the range are sophisticated electronic controls that react immediately to changes in temperature, avoiding the over- and under-shoots (saw-toothing) of traditional thermostats. Even the simple room thermostats in the range (pictured right), with adjustable dials, are electronically controlled. The precise control these products exert can quickly add up to big energy savings.

Installation of all the products in the Programastat range is kept simple with Timeguard’s universal wiring centre box.

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