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Worcester Sources Crittall Windows


As part of an extensive and long term project to revitalise the Lowesmoor area of Worcester, Crittall steel windows have been specified for one of the most familiar buildings on the site.

The Great Filling Hall was a feature of Worcester’s historic vinegar works and dates back to a time when the city was renowned for its industrial heritage, in particular trade from Lowesmoor along the Worcester to Birmingham canal. This listed building is prominent on the site and is one of many being refurbished to bring them to their former glory. Plans for the £75m redevelopment of the site include an ASDA superstore, and a further 18 retail and restaurant properties, which will transform the site from a rundown quarter to a new and thriving town centre shopping complex.

Planning demands were stringent for the Filling Hall, with conservation officers insisting upon like for like replacement for the windows, in order to maintain the continuity of appearance and character of the architecture and of the surrounding environment.

Main contractors for the Filling Hall refurbishment, Vinci Construction specified the Crittall W20 steel profiles for clients, Carillion Richardson who has overall responsibility for the development and according to David Scally, contracts manager for Vinci, these windows were the obvious choice. “The building is steeped in history and is a familiar landmark in the city,” he explained. “The building has been refurbished as the new headquarters of the TA in Worcester and therefore, we had to ensure that the profiles not only complied with planning requirements but also offered security and strength.”

Crittall W20 windows, with their minimal sightlines, enable the architectural value of a building to emerge, providing the necessary thermal performance required for double glazed units and offering immense inherent strength. The result is an historic structure, renovated in its own particular style but upgraded to meet all contemporary energy requirements.

Now completed, the replacement Crittall window programme enhances the appearance of the building, helping to restore it to its previous splendour, and assisting in the overall ambition to regenerate the 7.5 acre Lowesmoor site.

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