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Wylex announces launch of New NHX domestic breaker range


Wylex, the UK’s leading domestic circuit protection manufacturer, is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new range of 6KA circuit protection devices. The new range includes updated miniature circuit breakers and matching RCBOs, the design centring on the incorporation of the latest high quality Siemens MCB & RCBO technology and resulting in what company believe is the best range of domestic circuit protection devices available on the market today.

Since its acquisition by Siemens some four years ago, Wylex has been working behind the scenes to develop these new breakers, with the project involving the construction of a new production facility and specialist machinery to cater for the high volume demand for Wylex devices. First to market were the 10kA MCBs and matching RCBOs for the 3phase industrial circuit protection systems, followed now by the new range of 6kA domestic devices. The range known as NHX, includes B & C curve MCBs and B & C Curve single module 30mA RCBOs with ratings from 6A through to 50A.

These devices are suitable for use in all-new and existing NH consumer units and, from June 2010, will replace the ever popular NSB range. Wylex will continue to maintain stocks of the NSB range in parallel to the NHX range for those customers that prefer for reasons of aesthetics, to match devices when retro fitting an extra circuit to an existing installation.

Simon Rowlinson, Marketing Manager for Wylex says: “The NHX range is the completion of a 3 year long project culminating this month with the launch of these domestic devices. The dual stocking policy and clever retro fit compatibility of the new range, combined with the high quality of Siemens circuit protection technology caters for all customer needs.”

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