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Wylex launch dedicated off-the-shelf product range for PV micro-power generation installations


With recent rapid demand for domestic micro-power generation installations, a requirement for an efficient and integrated off-the shelf wiring and connection solution has become paramount.

As a consequence, Wylex, the UK’s leading circuit protection manufacturer, has introduced a new range of enclosures and devices designed specifically for solar voltaic and other domestic micro-power generation switchgear applications. The new dedicated products are intended to help installers to economically and efficiently install such systems, including solar photovoltaic, rated up to 4 kW.

The new Wylex range removes the need for an assortment of additional enclosures, while also ensuring that switching and circuit protection logically conforms to the special considerations needed to protect and manage cables that have power supplies connected at either end. The new Wylex products include AC and DC isolators, combination DC/AC photovoltaic isolators in single enclosures, dual supply photovoltaic and grid mains switches and a complete range of photovoltaic ready 17th edition consumer units with integral generated power supply Isolator, PV MCB and MID meter pre-wired and connected.

The equipment is designed to allow installers to make parallel power connections simply and easily, whether to an existing, or completely new installation. It also helps electricians ensure that supplies are properly connected to a dedicated circuit at the consumer unit and not share a final sub-circuit. Installation times and hence costs are also considerably reduced by reason of the simplification of wiring provided, and the reduction in the number of enclosures required.

To further support this business opportunity, all dedicated PV solar equipment has been assigned a lower vat rate of 5% and can therefore provide a real cost benefit on final quoted prices. This lower rate also applies to the fitting of PV Solar ready installations. For details of the full range of products available and advice and guidance on the including typical installation diagrams, a copy of a new publication entitled Solar Photovoltaic Switchgear Solutions is available from Electrium Sales Tel: 01543 455000 or by visiting www.electrium.co.uk.

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