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Wylex Launches All Metal NM Consumer Units – Get an Early Start on Compliance


WylexWylex have launched a new range of all-metal consumer units to help installers and specifiers conform to the latest requirements of the wiring regulations, as market leader, once again Wylex were first to market with a comprehensive range of Amendment 3 consumer units so that specifiers and installers can get an early start and comply with the new regulations without delay.

Amendment 3 to BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations (published January 2015) requires that consumer units (and similar switchgear assemblies) for use in domestic household premises shall have their enclosures manufactured from non-combustible material (regulation 421.1.201) gives as an example ferrous metal (steel).

Statistics from the London Fire Brigade show a significant increase in fires in plastic consumer units mainly as a result of poorly made electrical connections. The location of the units themselves e.g. under the stairs, on exit routes and surrounded by combustible materials was also of concern, hence the introduction of a new regulation. The intent of regulation 421.1.201 and the purpose of using all metal consumer units is to help contain any fire within the enclosure and thus minimise the chance of flames escaping.

Wylex NM consumer units provide a simple and safe method of conforming to the new amendment, helping installers who apply good workmanship and proper materials to ensure that the cable entry method, so far as is reasonably practicable, maintains the fire containment of the enclosure.

The new regulation applies to domestic household premises including the main building and all integral attached or detached garages and outbuildings.

Get an early start on compliance by discovering details of the products needed to comply with this important new safety standard, download the Wylex NM consumer unit range catalogue at

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