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Wylex launches single module arc fault detection device


Wylex have launched a new product to support customers with the 18th Edition wiring regulations, the single module arc fault detection device. The latest innovation contains 3 forms of technology in one. Including MCB, RCD and AFDD technology. The device prevents electrical fires from arc faults, and can be retrofitted into existing boards

Smaller device. Greater Protection.

Wylex has launched a new single module arc fault detection device to help prevent electrical fires.
One of the leading brands of Electrium, Wylex, has been providing electrical safety excellence in the UK electrical distribution industry for over 100 years.
The launch of the single module arc fault detection device is one of several solutions made available by the brand to help customers conform towards the IET 18th Edition of the wiring regulations.

How does it work?

This clever little device detects and disconnects arc faults which could lead to an electrical fire in the home.

It does both the job of an MCB and RCD, and it is able to detect arc faults that these types of technology simply can’t. What’s more, it is half the size of its predecessor and can be retrofitted into existing boards. Providing you with more space and time on your next job.

Wylex AFDDs carry out a self-test function when initially powered up, and the AFDD repeats this self-test function every 15 hours. They also have a test button (just like an RCDs or RCBOs), which you can use during the initial verification or EICR. Model certificates now include AFDDs among the devices listed, with space for test results.

What the regs say

As part of the latest IET wiring regulations, the 18th Edition does say that the using arc fault detection devices is recommended to provide additional protection against fire caused by arc faults in the final AC circuits. In a recent survey on Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs), the majority of respondents agreed that the technology can help to prevent electrical fires.

However, protecting people and property from electrical fires is mandatory as Simon Rowlinson, Product Manager for Electrium, recently discussed.

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