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X700 – Special New Sanitiser And Biocide For Underfloor Heating Systems – Launched By Sentinel


In response to the significant development of underfloor heating systems in the UK, leading European water treatment specialist Sentinel has launched a brand new sanitiser and biocide product to add to its well known ‘X’ range of products. The new product is called X700.

X700 kills bacteria and fungi and removes blockages caused by slimes whilst additionally providing protection against the re-growth of bacteria and fungi in underfloor heating systems.

Most underfloor heating systems utilise flexible plastic hosing to carry heated water around under the floor and the surface of such piping in contact with warm water is particularly conducive to bacterial growth. During periods of warmer weather and in summer months, when the heating is turned down or off, the water ‘sits’ fairly motionless in the pipes allowing the growth of bacteria and fungi to take place which can cause major problems when the system is next started up.

Sentinel’s John Lynch says: “Underfloor heating is clearly a popular choice these days for many people and many developers, but we have to recognise the potential problems that arise with them in the circumstances in which they are used in the UK marketplace. This new product will allow the systems to be kept clean and efficient and meets a need that has become increasingly apparent as more and more underfloor systems have been installed.”

X700 is now available from merchants across the UK.

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