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Yet Another Worlds First


ATG Access “The Bollard People” are proud to announce the successful impact test of the worlds shallowest PAS 68 automatic bollard; The “SP Shallow TT”.

On Thursday 11th March at MIRA test centre ATG Access witnessed the SP Shallow TT arrest a 7.5 tonne (15000lb) truck travelling at 40mph (64kph). The truck was dead stopped with zero penetration.

This latest innovation in technology allows the use of automatic bollards for high security solutions to be installed in areas where underground services or lack of space for excavation may cause a problem.

The ATG Access SP Shallow TT stands one metre tall yet only requires 900mm (35 inches) foundation. Significantly less than any other high security bollard. This opens a wide range of applications for rising bollards, which previously would have been impossible due to foundation requirements.

Engineering spokesman for ATG Access Robert Ball said “The future of high security lies in shallow foundation products, in modern city centres the need for ultra strong products which are buried to a minimal depth is phenomenal and our SP range is streets ahead of the competition, we are extremely proud to have engineered a double action retractable mechanism product that can perform to this level in such a shallow foundation”.

For further details of the SP Shallow TT rising bollard and the company’s range of other products contact the Marketing Department or visit the website www.atgaccess.com

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