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Yorkshire – the original and best


The Yorkshire integral solder ring fitting remains the leading fittings brand within the plumbing and heating industry after more than 70 years. Ever-popular with installers and contractors alike, the benefits of a genuine Yorkshire fitting installation are substantial and extensive.

The principle of the Yorkshire integral solder ring fitting has remained the same since its launch by Yorkshire Fittings Limited in 1934. Manufactured from copper and copper alloy, fittings contain a ring of solder that is released in to the gap between copper tube and fitting when heat is applied, resulting in a totally sound joint without the need to end feed additional solder.

The Yorkshire fitting provides an extensive range of products for use on applications including hot and cold water, central heating, closed circuit heating systems and gas services. General range fittings in sizes from 6mm to 67mm, wedge ring fittings in sizes 76mm and 108mm, heating components, waste fittings, General High Duty fittings, pipe clips and brackets, valves, accessories and chrome plated fittings make up the range.

Such is the strength of the brand that “Yorkshire” has become the generic name for all integral solder ring fittings. However, only users of the genuine of Yorkshire fittings can be confident in their longevity and quality – indeed, they are often capable of outliving the buildings they are installed in. To demonstrate this faith in their proven reliability, genuine Yorkshire fittings come with a 25-year guarantee against manufacturing defects. In addition, fittings are WRAS approved, and are imprinted with a YP (Yorkshire Potable) logo which guarantees that the integral solder ring is lead-free.

Yorkshire fittings can be found in homes across the country, and have been used on prestigious large-scale developments such as The Sage Gateshead. It is this versatility and reliability that has seen the genuine Yorkshire fitting remain a market leader for more than 70 years, and which is likely to see it’s success continue for decades to come.


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