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Young British roofers win world championship with Hambleside's roofing products


Britain has stormed to victory at the IFD World Championship for Young Roofers' 2010 in Belfast by installing Hambleside Danelaw's roofing and ventilation products on the competition rig.

Unlike Rooney and co, the British team beat off the Germans to win the pitched roof gold medal in a fierce contest which attracted 24 two-man teams from 12 countries.

Gold medallists, Martin McAllister and Matthew Timby, used Hambleside Danelaw's lightweight polyethylene dry soaker for plain clay and concrete tiles and rigid underlay support trays – all manufactured by the British company.

Hambleside Danelaw dry soakers are quick and simple to install. Made from lightweight high density polyethylene they are available for both tile and slate roofs in right and left handed versions. They offer thermal stability and resistance to UV light, acid rain and cracking under temperature change.

The rigid underlay support trays are ideally suited for eaves refurbishment, but can also be used on new build. The rigid PVC unit provides an immediate and cost effective solution to situations where damage to the roof underlay or felt has occurred.

The ease of installation of both products helped to facilitate the accurate build quality that the judges were looking for at the world championships.

These Hambleside Danelaw products form part of a complete dry fix solution of roofing products from the sustainability award-winning manufacturer. The range includes Dry Fix Valley Troughs and Bonding Gutters which are BBA approved.

Specifiers will note that many of the company's roofing and ventilation products are included in the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Procurement Guide for construction materials. This means:

  • using less raw material
  • avoiding and reducing waste
  • re-using materials
  • recovering wastes by recycling into new applications.

Using WRAP approved products therefore has a beneficial impact on the environment.

Chris Avery, Hambleside Danelaw's Vice Chairman, said: “As a British manufacturer, Hambleside Danelaw is delighted that a young generation of skilled construction workers are being trained in this country to match the highest standards in the world.

'The Young Roofers' World Championships and Roofing Industry Showcase is the ideal forum to show the innovation and sustainability of our roofing products and it is great that they have helped to win a gold medal for Britain.”

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